Episode 2

The #1 Lie Keeping You on the Sidelines

RTS #2 Why do some guys advance in their life and calling, while others seem to be stuck and never progress? In Proverbs, King Solomon says “a man’s gift will make room for him.” In this episode of Raising The Standard Josh exposes a pervasive and popular belief in Christian circles that will keep you on the sidelines. Every man will need to break this limiting belief in order to discover God’s plan, develop his gift, and advance the Kingdom of God.  Listen and learn with Biblical examples that you can apply in your life today. 

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The Mission of RAISING THE STANDARD is to call men to Raise the Standard in their lives. For too long men have relinquished the high ground and are living below what they are called to be.

Josh Khachadourian is a husband, father, leader, coach and the founder of Standard 59. He has spent the last 15 years ascending the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 company where he focused on building high performing teams and developing best in class leaders. Josh is on a mission to lift up Jesus as the Standard by which all of life's decisions, passions and pursuits will be measured by.