Episode 99

Becoming The Father Your Family Needs with Ed McGlasson

How To Become The Husband And Father Your Family Needs

Do you want your children to be all they could be and would you like to have a closer, loving relationship with your wife? This book unlocks the secret to being a good father and a great husband.

In this weeks episode Josh is joined by former NFL offensive lineman, Ed Tandy McGlasson.

Many men even with best intentions end up wounding their children or their wives because they lack the skills they need to be the fathers and husbands they want to be. The only way to heal these wounds is by being re-fathered by a perfect Father, God. Ed shares the lessons he has learned in his own life and taught to other men across the world. In this interview you will discover:

• How to build a better relationship with your children

• How to unlock the power of forgiveness in your family

• How to stop repeating the same mistakes your father made

• How to discover and fulfill who God has made you to be

• How to help your children discover their God-given destiny

Ed has authored several books: ”The Difference the Father Makes”, “Beloved”, “The Father You Always Wanted” and “The Blessing of the Father For Families”. Ed is also a sought-after men's and church event speaker. He has helped thousands of men connect to Jesus and become the husbands and fathers their families need. You can connect with Ed at:


Connect with Ed on social here: https://www.blessingofthefather.com/social


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