Episode 31

What God Supplies and What We Apply

RTS 31 What are the 7 things every Kingdom Man must do to be effective and productive? When we enter God’s realm and submit ourselves under his government with a commitment to growth, you have access to promises, spiritual resources wisdom and knowledge that the Father equips us with. This is what God supplies to all believers, but our life does not become only inheriting promises with no conflict, difficulty or challenge. There is a part that we have to play, and this is what we apply in this equation and relationship.

In today’s show we are going to look at the application process for us. What is required of you? The Apostle Peter provides 7 virtues that we are charged to implement in our lives and when we do we have a promise that we will be effective and productive, and we are going to break them down in today’s show

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The Mission of RAISING THE STANDARD is to call men to Raise the Standard in their lives. For too long men have relinquished the high ground and are living below who they are called to be.

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