Episode 3

God Loves Goals

God. Loves. Goals.

Christianity has some small thinkers who want to tell you that you shouldn’t pursue your dream, think big, and set some ambitious goals.

Today's episode will set you FREE to run after a new vision and see some things Jesus said in a new light. We are going to look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 18 when the disciples are arguing over who will be the greatest in the kingdom of God. To fully unlock this passage, we must pay attention to what Jesus does NOT say.

Practical wisdom

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The Mission of RAISING THE STANDARD is to call men to Raise the Standard in their lives. For too long men have relinquished the high ground and are living below who they are called to be.

Josh Khachadourian is a husband, father, leader, coach and the founder of Standard 59. He has spent the last 15 years ascending the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 company where he focused on building high performing teams and developing best in class leaders. Josh is on a mission to lift up Jesus as the Standard by which all of life's decisions, passions and pursuits will be measured by.